The PTO is a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and staff working together to make the school experience of all Nursery Elementary students successful.  We invite all parents to take part in this effort and volunteer their time and talents at different opportunities that take place throughout the year.

One of the reasons to join PTO is to benefit your child, but there are so many more:

  • Connection – Know what’s happening and how to be involved in ways that fit you and your family.
  • Networking – We’re all in this together for one reason: the kids – meet some like-minded folks & get to know your community.
  • Empowerment – This is your organization, it exists to give you a voice in your child’s education & care.
  • Improvement – We do some amazing things and it feels good to be a part of that.
  • They’re watching – When you’re active, involved and engaged, your child knows it.  Demonstrate your value in education and the environment in which they spend most of their days.

The school needs you, the kids need you, the community needs you, and we need you…. JOIN US TODAY!

Your 2014-2015 PTO Officers

President – Helen Resendez – 361-655-4008
Vice-President –Kelly Rehak – 361-649-6166
Secretary – Rhonda Hooper –361-649-1827
Treasurer – Ariana Van Dusen – 361-652-6102
Reporter – Jill Kelly – 361-649-2732
PTO Liaison – Megan Slovacek

Constitution and Bylaws

PTO Minutes 9-9-14
PTO Minutes 1-13-15
PTO Minutes 4-14-15